Winds of Time

Winds of Time

Nostalgia takes over with every turn of the fabric around me. As I start wrapping the sari into rectangular pleats, I am transported to the memory of my mother perfecting the drape around her as I lay on the bed gazing at her in awe.

I’d wait for her to leave the house and then run to rummage her stash of saris. I’d swad- dle myself in it and stand in front of the mirror. I’d look for a matching bindi in her dress- ing room and paste it on my forehead. I’d then rub a rarely used lipstick on my lips to manage the mischief.

This collection goes out from our hearts to yours. Representing dreams and hopes, drenched in nostalgia.

The floral illustrations are inspired by childhood books like Secret Garden. The playful gold foil scattered across its expanse for us represents, dreams and ambitions.

Inspired by the Mukaish work originating from Lucknow, it’s reminiscent of our mothers bindis that worked us as a time machine, taking us into future full of aspirations. So is this sari for us, taking you back. To inspire you to be the woman, the little girl in you wanted.