Nip in the Air

Nip in the Air

I love this time of year!
I absolutely adore this time of year!
It makes my heart sing!

I love the smell of woodsmoke
As it wafts it's way
From chimney tops
Through the Autumn air

I love the crispness
Of the air...
As well as
The crispness of the leaves
That have fallen from the trees

I love the wondrous sunsets
And how they seem to be so lively! - Dee Daffodil

Its time of the year to pull out our jackets for the chilly days ahead. We took prints from our previous collection ‘Raindrops, Roses and Tea’, to make day jackets and dresses using handspun and handwoven cotton. Maxi dresses in silk and cotton are perfect for festive evenings. Our Handspun cotton jackets provide warmth and breathability for early winters. Perfect for day picnics or evening gathering with friends.