Raindrops, Rose and Tea

Raindrops, Rose and Tea

She loves nature, mountains and forest.
She loves music, art and all things with history.
She is fun, often unexpected and always nostalgic.

During her visit to Dalhousie, Meera finds a stack of saris in a cupboard of her family’s victorian bungalow. The old house was surrounded by mountains n forest. Soft n dreamy saris sprayed with prints of himalayan flowers. Blue poppy, primroses, wild himalayan roses, forget me nots. Excited and in love with the textiles she started putting them together with silver earring gifted by her grandmother.

It gave her a reason to dress up and invite her friends for a tea party set up in the lawn by the rose bush. A himalayan bulbul lands on the bush nearby and burst into a song. The valley is filled with laughter and joy. Joy of seeing loved ones after ages.

Our new collection at Nadiya Paar, is designed to stand the test of time. Heirlooms, that take you to a comforting corner of your mind. Fabrics such as mulberry silk and silk organza, induce nostalgia.

The prints are inspired by vintage floral bone china. Hand illustrated ceramic plates of yester years and himalayan flowers. Our signature hand woven linen sari are teamed with loose crop top blouse in line with our comfort first philosophy. Vintage puff sleeve blouse is a versatile wardrobe staple and our favourite this season.

Our florals will remind you of times passed and a life ahead...