Walk to the Clouds and Back

Walk to the Clouds and Back

She built her Staircase to the Clouds
Her own steps
Are the ones
She follows

A pinch of magic is all you need sometimes, Sufi thinks to herself. Treading along the known ruins of brown and bushes of green. Little streams of water scattered along the way, sheepishly smile to her. Draped in six yards of linen, looking like a vision in pastels adorned with Desi Gulaab, Parijaat and the bold sun coloured Amaltas, Sufi is searching for the door she dreamt of last night.  

There it was, standing tall in the wilderness. She pushes the door open, stepping into the world unknown. Nature’s cotton candy dispersed all around. Her drapes transform into grey, replete with scattered Mogras, forming a perfect contrast to the magic nature had brought Sufi’s way.

She danced along the field of clouds and the water streams that seemed to flow upwards. With every jump in her feet, the linen magically transformed like stars twinkling with the clouds. From the pink Parijaat to hues of Korra and Kaner flowers, they worked to paint a perfect juxtaposition to natures whimsical surprise for Sufi. 

Believe and magic finds you, Sufi thinks to herself. 

The new collection of Nadiya Paar, represents the story of Sufi. A whimsical tale of a woman seeking the magic that she has dreamt of and believes exists. Every garment, representing her many moods as she maneuvers various feelings of adventure, excitement and surprise. The collection represents romance, freedom and nature. It represents the childlike excitement of the unknown.