Tales from a Flower Stand

Tales from a Flower Stand

Have you ever run across a field of mustard, taking in the aroma and thinking about your childhood? Have you ever gazed right at sunflowers that are standing together and seen them move in unison towards the sun?

Have you ever crossed the flower stand at the nook of the street and adored the flowers plopped together smiling, bringing us colourful joy in our lives?

This collection is a celebration of all the beauty that surrounds us in our daily lives. The joy it spreads all across. The colour riot of the flowers splattered across the expanse of a sari graced with vibrant blouses help us feel like everyday is a walk in the park.

With this Nadiya Paar collection we wish to make you feel like that joyous flower who stands tall in the garden attracting the radiant butterflies and all the positive energy of the universe. At Nadiya Paar, vibrancy in colours has been at the heart of our collections, and we carry on the legacy with ‘Tales From a Flower Stand’. The ravishing royal blue, the vivacious yellows!

The intricate detailing on each of the saris encapsulates the fragility of the flower petals and the strength in its beauty.

We wish to make you experience the same through Tales From a Flower Stand – your strength and beauty that goes beyond.