A Day Dream

A Day Dream

Amid the summer breeze
Besides a small stream
Swaying branches

Under a tree
Finding myself
In A Day Dream.

In my dream I am in the middle of a field of flowers, and I am wearing a gauzy linen dress alive with blossoms. Maybe I have added a hat; maybe I am barefoot! So what if I’ve never been in the middle of a meadow in my life, a dream can transport, at least in imagination, to places we inhabit solely in our minds - bringing us to a land of perpetual sunshine.

This summer we turned to remembrances of our childhood for inspiration. A strong desire to disconnect with the world and dream during the day, inspired us to make this collection. Hand embroidered rose buds and wild flowers on silks, cottons and gauzy linens are a first for us.

Using softest fabrics woven across India we made clothing you would want to live and dream in. Timeless pieces that you will reach for day after day created in a way that honours ‘Mother Earth’.

Grounded in a whimsical landscape, this free spirited collection will have you lost in a series of pleasant thoughts.