The process of bursting into flower.

Florescence as a word goes much further than the word flowering. Its a process of exponential bursting - as though the focus of nature is simply not on a single flower, but an entire tree.. entire meadow all bursting into flowers at the same time.

So is our festive collection. Vibrant and magnetic. Edible flowers like pansies, mustard, roses with quirky elements like touch-me-not come alive on handwoven silk, silk linen and fine count gauzy linen.

Time moves very uniquely for all life on Gaia. She is never in a hurry. The power of Gaia is the power of green-ness. If we left our planet exactly as it is now for a hundred years, our cities and roads would once again become green forests bursting with flowers. This is the speed, power and pace of Gaia. Our muse this festive season is someone who has strong connection with natural world. She sees heaven in a blade of grass. She is a truly free spirit who likes to feel into the dance of life, completely unrestricted.

We welcome you to the world of FLORESCENCE.