A Little Brighter !

A Little Brighter !

A Little Brighter!

Colour is one of the purest and most primitive forms of communication we have. It evokes happiness with the yellow, while pink brings to mind playfulness. Throughout mankind’s evolution, we’ve come to associate particular colours with emotional responses and triggers. Yet it’s also one of the most subjective and disputed visual sensations there is.

Henri Matisse said: “My choice of colours is not based on any scientific theory. It is based on observation, on feeling, on the very nature of each experience. I simply seek to find colours that will fit my feeling.”

The collection embraces an effortless simplicity. You would want to live in brightly coloured, handwoven and pre washed soft linen Co-ord sets. Feel festive with red, warm with yellow, serene with blue..

Make your day A Little Brighter!